H20 Solutions.

R³EVAP™ Technology utilizes patented design and process approaches to dramatically lower costs for separating and recovering pure water from any number of impure or contaminated liquids – including process water from oil & gas production, RO reject streams, as well as other industrial waste streams.


Why is R3Fusion Technology Better?
For centuries, many technologies have been developed to obtain pure water. Those technologies include: natural occurring filtration media (sand, gravel, charcoal, etc.), man made chemical treatment, membrane and filtration technologies, ion-exchange resins, reverse osmosis, and thermal processes (evaporation and distillation). These approaches all suffer from a variety of deficiencies:

• Chemical approaches are expensive and have to be tailored for the specific impurities and challenges in a specific application.
• Physical approaches do not remove dissolved impurities and can suffer from clogging and pressure or flow limitations, and thermal systems are very energy inefficient.
• Nearly all-modern approaches are also complex and capital intensive.
R3Fusion’s SPaCeR™ Technology uses a focused heating process combined with a thin film process coupled with heat and mass transfer efficiencies. This innovative process has been perfected through more than twenty years of process intensification research done by R3 Fusion founder Dr. Roshan Jachuck.

Advantages of R³EVAP™ Technology over other purification methods include:


• Reliability required in industrial applications


• Produced with a low-cost bill of materials


• Projected cost reduction of 50% compared to competing technologies in desalination applications


• Combines high quality distillation with extremely low energy usage


• Configured in a modular, small footprint, enabling R3 Fusion technology to be effective in small desalination and wastewater applications, yet scaled for large process plants by using multiple units.

Treatment of frac water in natural gas drilling

R3 Fusion has developed a mobile system for the treatment and reuse of produced water by using its R³EVAP™ Technology. The system is housed in a self-contained trailer and is ideal for on-site processing, as well as collection facilities. They are compact, energy efficient and extremely mobile. Its modular design is particularly attractive for capacity addition. This technology has been developed through years of research in the field of intensified heat and mass transfer.




Micro Desalination

R3 Fusion’s patented technology addresses the growing global demand for clean water. Its ability to handle water containing very high total dissolved solids (TDS) makes it ideal for processing sea water, brackish water and rain water collected in ponds.


RO Reject Recovery

RO reject streams contain concentrated salts approaching 80,000 ppm of TDS. When RO is used in brackish water systems, nearly 25% of the water becomes reject (or waste) water and is typically sent to disposal. In sea water systems, the amount of reject water jumps to nearly 50%. This means that for every 100 gallons of water fed to the sea water system, 50 gallons is sent to disposal.


As stated above, our ability to perform micro-desalination means that R3 Fusion’s has the ability to convert the RO reject water into clean, usable water, significantly increasing purified water available to its customers and reducing the amount of waste water requiring disposal. R3 Fusion’s system can be installed at the end of any RO system, without any further pretreatment equipment or front end plant expansion, and can immediately increase your product water volumes.